CryptoParty at the University of Dhaka
Monday, 4th of April, 2016
bring your laptop

Privacy is a basic human right
Party like it's 1983!

About Cryptoparty

Privacy is a human right.

To regain control of your own privacy in the digital world you should get to know the technologies of cryptography and anonymization.

A wide range of tools can help you to do just that. At a CryptoParty you can learn what's available and how to use it. Or you want to teach others? Then of course you're very much welcome, too.

All CryptoParties follow the guiding principles:

  • Excellence
  • Do-ocracy
  • Sudo Leadership
  • No Harassment
  • As Simple As Possible
  • Free to Attend

Available Topics

Learning is always an individual process. Hence we will have separate tables for each topic. Just pick the one you're most interested in.

  • encrypt emails with PGP
  • encrypt your IMs with XMPP and OTR
  • anonymous surfing Tor
  • privacy enhancing browser plugins
  • file and hard-drive encryption with TrueCrypt hard-drive encryption with LUKS
  • password security and managers
  • Linux installation
  • Tails (safe and anonymous operating system… please bring a thumb drive if interested)
  • Pond (encrypted Tor based messaging system without meta data and spam)

Also worth a look:


Taking photos or filming will not be allowed. Please leave the cameras in your pockets.


Related Projects

Password management

  • Keepass (Windows)
  • KeepassX (Linux)
  • Ubuntu/Debian: apt-get install keepassx

Browser-Plugins & Search engines

Instant Messaging

Anonymous Browsing

E-mail encryption

E-mail providers

File encryption

Video calls

Tools for mobile phones

  • F-droid (free & open source software repository - have to enable instal. of apps from unkown sources)
  • Search F-droid for:
  • orbot & orweb (browsing via Tor)
  • K-9 Mail (E-mail app)
  • APG (encryption plugin for K-9 Mail)
  • Mailvelope (PGP encryption browser plugin for webmail)
  • TextSecure, RedPhone and Signal (SMS + VoIP Telephony)
  • Instant Messenging (Jabber + OTR)

Guides at: