The CryptoParty Handbook tries to provide a comprehensive guide to the various topics that might come up while investigating the realms of computer and internet security and is designed to be a practical guide during CryptoParties.

Please note that the CryptoParty Handbook is currently not updated!

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Integrity: Don't take any wooden nickels!

To ensure you have downloaded correct files, you should always check the integrity of downloaded files using commands like sha256sum and compare the resulting hashes against hashes provided by other sources. So if you spread the news about the book, please spread the hashes as well! Hashes for version 2013-08-21 (download):

cryptoparty-handbook-2013-08-21.epub 305055fce24180dfef4e530a0b73c8c598ce2667068f31fb1cc0dc3d4320ad5d 607453ed55ccddfd66bb175842f4d9499bb3ff7c17dab67cf70a67a934d4529a 281a1689d38f29bde24f2a0de71630a2ffdf925cf453f94622321fe156c7d1b1    
cryptoparty-handbook-2013-08-21.pdf c9299ab65fe3d959aa7d42bcbca0418dc6191d0e123b70799673df2aa0936c7b bba1b29e1dc34c2901633ab176d78449e6a2236cf686cd0a0c6e2db838c87eb4

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We are thrilled to announce that the Cryptoparty Handbook is now Kindle-friendly. Please download .mobi .cover.jpg and metadata.opf and place all three files into your Calibre Library.

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You may help to improve the Handbook, it's a group effort! The Handbook is written in Markdown. For collaboration github is used. Although primarily used by programmers, github provides a very comfortable editor for markdown. Just register, clone the handbook repository, edit it and file a pull request (it is really not hard, just try it out).

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Recent changes

The latest edition is from 2013-08-21 and includes all updates to github until that date.

Old Versions

For download links and checksums of snapshot version 2013-07-10, check this older revision 1374966443 of this page.

snapshot version 1.1 is downloadable as PDF and ePub. (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)

  • The SHA256 checksums for the files are “e8d05c9693930dc942200546389eb12673da44647f62f6d22dbe07f35c9f6cd8” and “798e16edec4c4fa973d73bcbae85f6a1a73c49fa158cb1ac6a0b0863b2997f62” respectively.

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