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December CryptoPartyLDN! 🎄

Monday 18th December, 6.30pm-late, JuJu’s Bar & Stage, 15 Hanbury St, E1 6QR

I have never been to a CryptoParty, what are you even talking about!? CryptoParties are free events where you can upskill, learn how to use digital privacy tools and discuss current topics on surveillance and digital rights. CryptoParties are free, friendly and open to everyone. Our guiding principle is be excellent to each other. All welcome, total beginners as much as experts.

I am a regular at CryptoPartyLDN, what should I expect at December’s event? Come to the December CryptoParty for the most festive CryptoParty of all time*. Bye 2017! This is the privacy party of the year, with a chance to celebrate our giant leaps, forget what went wrong, and train the real people of the future. Wearing Christmas jumpers is strongly recommended and deeply respected.


JuJu’s Bar & Stage, 15 Hanbury St, E1 6QR


Monday 18th December 2017, 6.30pm-late.

No registration is necessary. Free entry.


To get the most out of the workshops you may wish to bring

  • your laptop and charger
  • your phone
  • a spare, clean USB/external drive can be handy

To get the most out of the bar, you may want to bring some cash


6.30-7pm: Entry, welcome!

December CryptoParty Address - @fnstudio & @silkiecarlo

7.30pm-8.15pm: WORKSHOPS – Round 1

  • Merry Cryptmas with VeraCrypt with @gouttegd: learn how to decrypt a Christmas card from #CryptoPartyLDN.
  • ‘Tis the Season to OnionShare with @Arcadian_O: how to anonymously send and receive files (bring a laptop). Anonymously download your Christmas card from #CryptoPartyLDN too.
  • Give the Gift of Privacy with @musalbas: how to use the app Signal for private communications – and learn how to train other people in how to use it!
  • All I Want for Christmas is… user controls over privacy preferences with @KateAWhalen and @freeclimb_: Tips on controlling what you do and don’t share on everyday platforms, from Google to Facebook.
  • JingleCoin with @sarahazouvi: What are cryptocurrencies and how do they work? Play games and find out!

Need 1:1 help? Drop in to see Master Cryptmas (it's @TomWills) for help and advice.


Setting up a .onion address for your website by @AlecMuffett

How and why to list your website on the ‘dark web’. Alec Muffett is a cybersecurity expert and blogger who is currently Principal Engineer at Deliveroo and was previously at Facebook. He is also on the board of Open Rights Group and has a degree in Astronomy.

Leave the UK immediately’: the use of government databases in border control by @graciemaybe

Theresa May’s ‘hostile environment’ for migrants is being enabled and emboldened by pervasive data sharing on innocent people across government departments. Gracie Bradley will expose how the database state is undermining basic rights and producing borders everywhere, from classrooms to doctors’ surgeries. Gracie is Advocacy and Policy Officer at Liberty and campaigns for Against Borders for Children.

9-9.45pm: WORKSHOPS – Round 2

Choose another session to participate in - all workshops repeat in round 2!

10pm: Music, mulled wine, merriment


CryptopartyLDN is organised by Fabio Natali (Reckon Digital) and Silkie Carlo (Liberty), with the help of excellent venues and trainers.


Contact us on Twitter:

Or email:



Christmas card (encrypted - ask your trainer for the passphrase): http://zpczqktas3qyroix.onion/wnv634gnfi2qpa4nusfie3ndli