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20 FEBRUARY 2018

Next event: Tue 20th February 2018, 6.30pm - late, JuJu’s Bar & Stage, 15 Hanbury St, E1 6QR

CryptoPartyLDN Poster 2018-02-20


CryptoPartyLDN organises monthly events about digital rights, privacy, and information security.

Digital technologies play an increasingly important role in our society, yet they often appear as impenetrable black boxes. We aim to unveil this opacity, to shed some light on the inner complexity - technical but also economical and political - of our digital world.

What's an algorithm? Is Facebook able to read my Whatsapp text messages? Are my passwords secure? What's the business model of data brokers and online tracking companies? These are some of the questions we try to answers.

We also suggest possible solutions, in terms of digital tools or practices that can make us more secure and private - such as secure messaging systems or email encryption software, how to make our laptops and smartphones more secure, how to browse the internet safely and anonymously.

Free Software is an important part of this. It's not a matter of price - Free Software is free as in “freedom”. It's software released under specific licences that respect users' freedom. Free Software can be audited (the so-called source code is available alongside with the so-called executable version), modified and redistributed. It's software the user can control, rather than being controlled by it. All the software we recommend at @CryptoPartyLDN is free software. For more info: here.

CryptoPartyLDN is about technology and technological tools. Most importantly, we see CryptoPartyLDN as a conversation starter, an open space where digital citizens can share their concerns and look for possible solutions. Together.

CryptoPartyLDN would be nothing without its community, without its participants, trainers, and speakers. We want our events to be a safe space where everyone is welcome. We believe in the CryptoParty motto be excellent to each other.


JuJu’s Bar & Stage, 15 Hanbury St, E1 6QR


Tuesday 20th February 2018, 6.30pm - late. No registration is necessary. Free entry.


To get the most out of the workshops you may wish to bring

  • your laptop and charger
  • your phone
  • a spare, clean USB/external drive can be handy

To get the most out of the bar, you may want to bring some cash




  • Internet money: cryptocurrencies, utility tokens; how and why to transfer value using the internet - Sara @saronimo
  • How the internet works: how information moves on the web (and who might be listening for it) - Valerio @valeriocamp
  • Be anonymous online: How to browse the web and send files without leaving a trace, using Tor and OnionShare - Tom @tomwills
  • VeraCrypt: how to make an encrypted safe with VeraCrypt - Leonie @leotanczt
  • 1-2-1 training: if you need 1:1 advice, we have friendly trainers willing to help you - Damien @gouttegd

<font 20px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>830pm: TALK & Q&A</font>

<font 20px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;#ffffff;;#000000>DR RICHARD STALLMAN: FREE SOFTWARE, FREEDOM & PRIVACY</font>

<font 18px/Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>New developments in technology are threatening our freedom. What are the threats? What must we change?</font>

The father of the free software movement, and President of the Free Software Foundation, Dr Richard Stallman will talk about preserving freedom today and in the future and today.

Dr. Richard Stallman launched the free software movement in 1983 and started the development of the GNU operating system in 1984. GNU is free software: everyone has the freedom to copy it and redistribute it, with or without changes. The GNU/Linux system, basically the GNU operating system with Linux added, is used on tens of millions of computers today.

<font 11pt/Calibri,sans-serif;;inherit;;inherit>Stallman has received the ACM Grace Hopper Award and the ACM Software and Systems Award, a MacArthur Foundation fellowship, the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Pioneer Award, and the the Takeda Award for Social/Economic Betterment, as well as several doctorates honoris causa, and has been inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame.</font>

9.30pm till late: MUSIC


CryptoPartyLDN is organised by Fabio Natali (Reckon Digital) and Silkie Carlo (Big Brother Watch), with the help of excellent venues and trainers.


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