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29 MARCH 2018

Next @CryptoPartyLDN: Thu 29th March 2018, 6.30pm - late, JuJu’s Bar & Stage, 15 Hanbury St, E1 6QR

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JuJu’s Bar & Stage, 15 Hanbury St, E1 6QR


Thursday 29th March 2018, 6.30pm - late. No registration is necessary. Free entry.


To get the most out of the workshops you may wish to bring

  • your laptop and charger
  • your phone
  • a spare, clean USB/external drive can be handy

To get the most out of the bar, you may want to bring some cash.


6.30 - 7pm: Entry, welcome!

• March CryptoParty Address (Silkie @silkiecarlo & Fabio @fnstudio)

7.00pm - 8.00pm: Workshops

Facebook Analytica - with guest trainer @prolixpost from @CryptoPartyNYC! Explaining how Facebook compromises your privacy, how you can change your ‘privacy settings’, the limitations of its ‘privacy settings’, how to download your data, and how/why to delete your profile. Plus! Passphrase security – your first line of defence keeping your accounts on lock.

Signal is better than WhatsApp - @musalbas explains why free/libre software Signal protects your privacy more than Facebook-owned WhatsApp, and shows you how to use end-to-end encrypted tool for messaging, calls and video calls.

Internet monies - @saronimo walks you through transferring value on the internet from Bitcoin to Ethereum and utility tokens on top.

Threat modelling - @justinecourty explains what risks are realistic to our own situation, and how we can mitigate them. To avoid privacy panic, come to this workshop to practice identifying the threats to your privacy and finding workable solutions to deal with them.

8pm: PANEL DISCUSSION: Is it time to delete Facebook?

Last week, a whistleblower from data mining company Cambridge Analytica revealed that the firm had harvested the profiles of 50 million Facebook users in attempt to ‘microtarget’ voters for Trump’s presidential campaign. Is this a ‘data breach’, or just business as usual for social networks? Are democracies at risk from data-driven manipulation?

We’re delighted to host:


CryptoPartyLDN is organised by Fabio Natali (Reckon Digital) and Silkie Carlo (Big Brother Watch), with the help of excellent venues and trainers.


Contact us on Twitter:

Or email:



CryptoPartyLDN organises monthly events about digital rights, privacy, and information security.

Digital technologies play an increasingly important role in our society, yet they often appear as impenetrable black boxes. We aim to unveil this opacity, to shed some light on the inner complexity - technical but also economical and political - of our digital world.

What's an algorithm? Is Facebook able to read my Whatsapp text messages? Are my passwords secure? What's the business model of data brokers and online tracking companies? These are some of the questions we try to answers.

We also suggest possible solutions, in terms of digital tools or practices that can make us more secure and private - such as secure messaging systems or email encryption software, how to make our laptops and smartphones more secure, how to browse the internet safely and anonymously.

Free Software is an important part of this. It's not a matter of price - Free Software is free as in “freedom”. It's software released under specific licences that respect users' freedom. Free Software can be audited (the so-called source code is available alongside with the so-called executable version), modified and redistributed. It's software the user can control, rather than being controlled by it. All the software we recommend at @CryptoPartyLDN is free software. For more info: here.

CryptoPartyLDN is about technology and technological tools. Most importantly, we see CryptoPartyLDN as a conversation starter, an open space where digital citizens can share their concerns and look for possible solutions. Together.

CryptoPartyLDN would be nothing without its community, without its participants, trainers, and speakers. We want our events to be a space where everyone is welcome. We believe in the CryptoParty motto be excellent to each other.