“Organise organically and chaotically. Have no clear leadership. Urge people to take on a sudo leadership role.”


Learn to secure your online communication!

Governments around the world, are greatly increasing their surveillance of the Internet. Alongside a loss of the private sphere, this also represents a clear danger to basic civil liberties. The good news is that we already have the solution: encrypting communications makes it very hard, if not entirely impossible, for others to eavesdrop on our conversations. The bad news is that crypto is largely ignored by the general public, partly because they don't know about it, and partly because even if they do, it seems too much trouble to implement. (Text stolen here)

So let's go and have a party, and teach each other how to use crypto!


Saturday, October 26, 2013, 5 PM


Venue is confirmed: Pinstorm, Swati building, North Avenue, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054

The nearest landmark is Kotak Mahindra bank on Swami Vivekanand Road (S.V. Road). It's located at a bend from where you take a right turn.


Everyone is invited! Do not hesitate to join, even (or especially) if you don't crypto at all. Don't forget to bring your Laptop and/or smartphone!

(Please do add your name below if you are thinking of coming!)

  1. sva, http://twitter.com/sva. hacktivist from Chaos Computer Club.
  2. Salil A. Sudharman - salils@hotmail.com
  3. RA -s.rnr.12.21@gmail.com
  4. Vihaan Verma = vickey.verma21@gmail.com
  5. Neeraj Pattath – pattath.neeraj@gmail.com
  6. Rahul D. – r.a.h.u.l.do.l.as.1.2.3 [AT] gmail [DOT] com
  7. Jigar Jain. @ragij
  8. Pradeep Mohandas pradx
  9. Raza Sayed - @razasayed
  10. Kartik Mistry - @0x1f1f
  11. you?


What to bring

  • Laptop and/or smartphone
  • Desire to learn about secure and private communications (mandatory! :D)
  • Expertise, to share with others (if possible)


Pinstorm, Santacruz West



see also http://pastebin.com/rzaaFkhm as an example

Please add if you wanna learn on a special topic or if you want to teach something in particular!


(this is just a proposal, we can do whatever the participants feel to do and learn!)

  • Introduction
  • Webbrowsing
    • TOR
    • Browser security
    • Dynamic Port Forwards Using SSH better known as SOCKS proxy
    • SSL and Web of Trust
  • Password
    • why and how?
  • Email
    • email service provider
    • Email clients (thunderbird)
    • Mail encryption
  • Secure Chats
    • Jabber
    • OTR
    • Cryptocat (maybe just mention shortly that stuff like this exists, too)
  • Cryptography on Android (Use your phone the secure way) - Karan K