Cybersecurity for Protestors


  • * Location: &
  • * Time: 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
  • * Date: Sunday, June 8th 2020

LAST MINUTE EVENT ALERT The folks at BabyCastles are doing a stream featuring some super cool and knowledgeable folks giving some cybersecurity tips 4 protesters

ft. @geminiimatt @acvale @huertanix Check below for more info on speakers/workshops!

Ana (Reporter for Daily Dot, Sex worker, Data Privacy Activist, twitter: @acvalens) - A broad overview and intro to security. What is encryption? What are steps you can take to protect yourself? How can you talk to less tech-literate folks about security?

David (Digital Security Trainer at Freedom of the Press Foundation) - An intermediate-level overview of smartphone security and working with VPNs: VPNs are useful for protecting your online activities from being known by your ISP or cell data provider

Matt Mitchell (Hacker/Security Researcher, Founder of CryptoHarlem, twitter: @geminiimatt) - More advanced considerations for digital security: Creating pseudonomyous profiles. Assessing threat/models. Securely coordinating between different groups of people forming networks.*

Check the fb link below for deets: