Sacramento's Hacker Lab is having our second cryptoparty!

Where : The Hacker Lab, 1715 I St. Sacramento, CA 95811

When : December 6th, 2013 @ 6:00 PM

What : Sacramento's cryptoparty is a free social gathering for discussion of all things security. We're open to all skill levels and interests and hope to teach the community about encryption and security basics.

Our second cryptoparty will include:
- Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging: demo of OTR chat, and setting up an OTR-capable chat client to work with various instant messaging platforms (like Yahoo Messenger or IRC).
- Email encryption: for those who missed it last time, we'll go over setting up a mail client to use PGP, and cover key generation and key signing.
- Informal key-signing party

You can get a head start with email encryption by installing these:
- Thunderbird
- Enigmail

For OTR messaging, follow this guide to get started, or try this for phones or tablets. (Note: “GibberBot” is now called “ChatSecure”.)

If you'd like to participate in key signing, please bring picture ID. If you already have a key, it helps to bring printed copies of your key fingerprint (such as the output of gpg-key2ps).

Light snacks will be provided. If you feel like bringing a snack or tasty beverage to share with the group, then you are awesome.

Email richard [at] or josh [at], if you have any questions or comments.