Upcoming Events

24 March 2017 – Key-signing at FOSS-ASIA


Past Events

18 March 2017 – Key-signing at FOSS-ASIA


20 March 2016 – CyptoParty at FOSS-ASIA



We will have a fixed table at the exhibition area on Sunday. We will use the table as a meeting and information point, we will have flyers and stickers. Feel free to approach people to ask for a signature on your PGP-key. We will schedule a meeting according to the time-availability of the interested people.


We hope to cover some of the following topics but the schedule is not fixed yet. Please fill in the survey to express your interests: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1efZ_v63TLU2PEoe0AaIwI_AS9rFuZkr6KoysUhhk50Y/viewform

  1. Privacy and security basics. What are they and why are they important. [Talk]
  2. Understanding the browser, and the “lock” (i.e. the certificate) [Talk]
  3. Browsing safely and privately (https everywhere, noscript, etc.. ) [Talk] [Hands-on]
  4. Hands on with tools - Secure Communication (Email encryption and signature, Signal, Tor, Telegram) [Hands-on]
  5. Distributed social (dark-)network (Retroshare, OpenVPN, Hubzilla, Movim) [Talk] [Hands-on]
  6. Keysigning [hands-on]