CryptoParty in Taunton

CryptoParties are free public social events where attendees will can be introduced to the tools and methods of cryptography. The primary topic of today's event is the Invisible Internet Project (I2P) with speaker James O'Keefe of the Massachusetts Pirate Party and hosted by the South Coast Innovator Labs. I2P is an anonymous overlay network, intended to protect communication from dragnet surveillance and monitoring by third parties such as ISPs. I2P Helps users anonymize a wide range of internet activities including: email correspondences, real-time chats, web browsing, filesharing, and web hosting. At this party you can learn how to set up I2P on your computer and the basics of its use.

Guests are advised to bring their laptops for this event. This event is open to all ages. Starting at 1pm.

For more information please contact the Organizer here or join our Meetup.

Address: South Coast Innovator Labs: Building A at 1380 Bay Street, Taunton, MA.

Next Dates

  • March 26th 2016