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Upcoming Events

None at the moment

Past Events


Software Freedom Day

When: 10:00am to 4:00pm on Saturday 19 September 2015
Where: 120 Carlton Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Map
Organizer: LibrePlanet Ontario
Sponsor: Alleyne, Inc.
Twitter: @SFDToronto
Website: Software Freedom Day Wiki - Toronto

There was a presentation on “Email Privacy with Free Software” followed by a Formal Keysigning, then a key generation session for new users followed by an Informal Keysigning.


I2PCon: Cryptoparty and Speakers

When: 1:00pm on 15 August 2015
Location: 1266 Queen Street West, (Buzz Suite 6 or 12) Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Map)
Organizer: I2P
Twitter: @GetI2P, @HackLabTO and @TorontoCrypto

More info at


TorontoCrypto: Cryptoparty, the Pumpkin Spice Edition

When: 2:00pm on 23 November 2014
Location: 1266 Queen Street West, (Buzz Suite 6 or 12) Toronto, Ontario, Canada (Map)
Organizer: TorontoCrypto
Twitter: @HackLabTO and @TorontoCrypto

No RSVP required!

Our first CryptoParty this summer went great so we’re hosting our second one, codenamed Pumpkin-spice CryptoParty. The event will have small workshops each with an helpful instructor. Feel free to jump between stations.

Note: This event is FREE with all proceeds going to sustaining

Topics that will be covered:

  • Secure web-surfing with Tor Browser Bundle
  • Understanding Heartbleed: An introduction to SSL (HTTPS)
  • Mobile phone security and how it affects you

More info at


GTALUG: Crypto Night - Short Talks

  • Bob Jonkman: Tor, The Onion Router
  • TBA
  • TBA, too


Afternoon Tea with LibrePlanet-Ontario, TorontoCrypto and Ubuntu Canada

Venue Change: Now at Yueh Tung Restaurant!

Events in Toronto are converging to bring together three different organizations:

LibrePlanet exists to promote the use of Free Software in the communities of Ontario and to support individuals who wish to use or create Free Software. The goals are similar to those of the Free Software Foundation. Recently one of LibrePlanet-Brazil's organizers, Sergio Durigan Jr. moved to Toronto and is now helping organize LibrePlanet-Ontario. Let's show him a warm Canadian welcome

CryptoParty is a decentralized, global initiative to introduce the most basic cryptography software and the fundamental concepts of their operation to the general public. TorontoCrypto held a workshop on computer privacy and security software in July; let's practice those new skills by holding a GnuPG/PGP keysigning and extending the Web of Trust to the other organizations.

Ubuntu Canada, Toronto chapter
This weekend is the Ubuntu Global Jam, where the Ubuntu community unites to work together to improve Ubuntu. We've got some Ubuntu DVDs to give away; bring your laptop and try it out.

Everyone is welcome to Afternoon Tea, whether or not you're affiliated with LibrePlanet, TorontoCrypto or Ubuntu Canada.

Registration isn't required, but helps to plan the event: Register at Afternoon Tea on Ubuntu LoCo Team Portal or e-mail Bob Jonkman at

What: Afternoon Tea with LibrePlanet-Ontario, TorontoCrypto and Ubuntu Canada
When: Saturday, 13 September 2014 from 3:00pm to 6:00pm (iCal)
Where: Yueh Tung Restaurant, 126 Elizabeth Street, Toronto, Ontario (upstairs) (Map)
Registration: Ubuntu Canada LoCo Team Portal or e-mail Bob Jonkman at


This is a free event. Our aim is to educate users (our visitors) on utilizing intuitive privacy applications for their communications. Specifically, we will have stations setup for PGP, TrueCrypt, Tor Browser and Mobile Security. Visitors, with the assistance of our members, will run through simulations of these privacy applications.