Warsaw CryptoParty

NOTE there have been no events since mid 2016.

Warsaw CryptoParty is organised by rysiek and czesiek in the Warsaw Hackerspace each first Monday of the month, at 17:00, and lasts as long as there are interested people.



First Monday of each month, 17:00 til late. Next meeting: August 1st, 2016.


Warsaw Hackerspace, ul. Grzybowska 85C

If you ever get lost, get on IRC for directions:
hackerspace-pl on freenode


Giving you back command over your privacy. Encrypting emails, chat, hard disks, whatever you need or are interested in. Protecting anonymity. Open Source Software and much more.

Come plenty and bring friends as well as computers, usb sticks and other devices to install and try the software on.