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“Organise organically and chaotically. Have no clear leadership. Urge people to take on a sudo leadership role”


Governments around the world, are greatly increasing their surveillance of the Internet. Alongside a loss of the private sphere, this also represents a clear danger to basic civil liberties. The good news is that we already have the solution: encrypting communications makes it very hard, if not entirely impossible, for others to eavesdrop on our conversations. The bad news is that crypto is largely ignored by the general public, partly because they don't know about it, and partly because even if they do, it seems too much trouble to implement. (Text stolen here)

So lets go and have a party, and teach each other how to crypto!


Saturday, 6th of July, 4 PM (open end: “we can spend the rest of the time hanging out and doing things which you really wanted to do for long in chaotic way” and also “We can go and hack all night long, try things out and discuss!”)


Institute of Informatics & Communication (IIC), Delhi University South Campus (site temporarily down) :-(


Everyone is invited! Especially do not hesitate to join if you are not using any crypto at all (yet!)

See also for a flyer/handout you can hang up at your office/university/etc to invite your friends.

Please add your name, maybe links and some more information on yourself. Also please add what you can teach/show, what you wanna do/learn below at the section “Details”

  1. sva,, hacktivist from Chaos Computer Club.
  2. Namrata Mehta
  3. Shashany
  4. yosu?
  5. Vipul Nayyar
  6. Jatin Kumar Malik; FbTwitter LinkedIn
  7. Shehla Rashid
  8. Rohit Rellan
  9. Ojasvi Maleyvar
  10. Rajat Goyal
  11. Aniket
  12. Rahul Jain
  13. Gaurang Agrawal
  14. Soumya Tejas; Fb
  15. Akanksha Bansal
  16. Avdesh Kumar Singh, IIC
  17. Kim Arora
  18. Rahul M
  19. Tavish Naruka
  20. Rohan Arora
  21. Mehul Parth Pande
  22. Umar Ahmad
  23. -Himanshu gupta
  24. Prashant Waiker;Fb


What to bring
  • Laptop and/or smartphone
  • Desire to learn about secure and private communications (mandatory! :D)
  • Expertise, to share with others (if possible)
How to get there

Google Maps (South Campus Library):

By public transport

  • From the Nearest metro station, which is Hauz khas:
    • Board 764 bus number, towards Najafgarh (plies on the outer ring road). Get off at RLA college and walk down Benito Juarez Marg for 10-12 minutes to reach the South campus. Head to the library when you enter, the IIC is just behind it.
  • From Connaught place:
    • There's a direct bus 781 to the RLA college bus stop. Follow the same instructions as above after that.
  • On the inner ring road (aims, south east, ashram etc)
    • Bus number 711 towards uttam nagar drops you at ARSD college which is at the other end of Benito Juarez marg. Its a 5-10 minute walk from there
  • there are plenty of places around like Pizza hut etc.
  • we can order as well, or go out for a walk and for some food
Venue Logistics
  • Internet connectivity
  • Canteen (could be brought from outside as well)
  • Parking Space
  • Nearest Metro
  • Projector
  • Amplifier
  • Soldering iron, Raspberry Pi , Gps logger :-)



see also as an example

See also the list sva is working on here: "what?" and brief how-tos, it can also serve as a roadmap. You can already try the stuff out yourself!

(more to come, and please add your name and what you can teach or wanna learn!)

  • sva can explain email-crypto with thunderbird, enigmail and GnuPG.
  • sva can explain jabber + OTR
  • sva can show TOR-browser bundle how-to
  • sva can show [$]ubuntu full disc encryption
  • sva can give short introduction on apps+tools for Android, but wanna try things out herself as well!
  • Satyaakam thinking of working on this
  • Satyaakam and Surendran will start working on
    • great! sva will work on the new website meanwhile :)
  • Satyaakam wants to learn more about exploits in Android and what's happening with Cynogenmod wrt to privacy.
  • Pitambar wants to learn how are onion websites served
  • Pitambar wants to know how encryption engines of polymorphic and metamorphic codes are implemented
  • FRDManiac Parin can introduce some projects like Diaspora, FreedomBox etc.
  • Tavish wants to know about hardware devices like encrypted flash drives, gnupg card crypto stick project, and how to decide whether some device is safe