Not only because of the Indian Central Monitoring System, ICMS done by the Indian Government, the PRISM (US) and Tempora (UK) we need to have more Crypto in India…

Please add a page or at least your name and contact here, if you want to have a cryptoparty at your place, too!


  • Delhi, 3th of August
  • Chennai, 7th of August
  • Bangalore, 10th or 17th of August
  • Dharamsala, maybe again end of August / beginning of September
  • Mumbai, 13th of october, maybe another one earlier


Wanna have a CryptoParty in...


Feel free to use this text as an invitation letter for your friends and colleagues:

Dear *,

please feel invited to a cryptoparty! Please feel free to share the following information to everyone it might concern!

What is it? Hands-on! Non-geeks and geeks coming together and help each other installing software that helps you to be not that much spied any more by your own government (ICMS), foreign governments and the service providers you are using. Don't worry, it is so easy to get more more privacy online!

The already planned cryptopartys are in bangalore (coming sunday, the 30th!) and Delhi (the week after, sat 6th).

If interested please add your city here and/or get in touch with me: