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Future events

13-07-2019: CryptoBar at ORGCON19

Sat 13 Jul 2019All dayORGCON19Friends House, 173-177 Euston Rd, London, NW1 2BJ

Drop-in bar for free, beginner-friendly 1:1 advice about how to protect your communications and internet use from pervasive surveillance, data exploitation and censorship. You'll need a ticket for ORGCON19.

20-08-2019: CryptoParty at Juju's

Tue 20 Aug 2019630pm till lateJuJu's Bar and Stage15 Hanbury St, London, E1 6QR

Talks and workshops on digital rights, privacy, technology (and the systems of power around it!). Learn how to use privacy enhancing applications to, for instance, improve the security of your online communications and safely browse the internet.

Join us from around 6pm with talks and workshops kicking off at 6:30pm sharp. We'll be hosted by awesome Juju's, in East London. Free entrance, all welcome, no registration needed.

More info and full schedule to be published here soon!

Past events

Date Title Video Slides
25 June 2019 See it. Say it. Encrypt it.
28 May 2019 Unstoppable Keyboards
30 April 2019 Biometrics: one measure to rule them all
26 March 2019 Who targets you?
21 February 2019 ÆNIGMA
29 January 2019 Digital Detox
18 December 2018 Merry Cryptmas
20 November 2018 Privacy 2028 (at FreeWord) Video
19 October 2018 The Truth Is Out There (at the Logan Symposium) Video
25 September 2018 One Year of CryptoPartyLDN
16 July 2018 Recognition!
19 June 2018 Password not allowed Video
1 May 2018 People of the world, encrypt!
29 March 2018 You won't believe what happens next
20 February 2018 Crypto means CryptoParty Video
25 January 2018 Seize the means of encryption
18 December 2017
10 November 2017 More CryptoParty than ever (at the Glass Room)
16 October 2017
11 September 2017